Glee: Klaine Will Have A Happy Ending, But Is It Too Late For Fans?

Glee: Klaine Will Have A Happy Ending, But Is It Too Late For Fans?

Most kinks will be tagged, but please read each individual fic’s warnings for full kink content. He starts hanging around Burt until one night something happens. When Blaine does, eagerly, Burt tells him what a good boy he is for daddy, and Blaine is almost delirious with joy. I started it in – March? You can comment on the GKM at the overflow post here. I have a part 2 in mind, whether it will get written or not is another story entirely. Any ideas for a second part? Their favourite roleplay is daddy! Blaine, showing innocent!

Klaine AU/Klaine Fanfiction

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Quinn Fabray helps her father enjoy the Super Bowl. A fluffy and romantic One-​Shot about Klaine during the ‘First Time’, in the episode of the same name.

Glee fanfiction kurt dating Lampshaded when blaine finally got together. Quick are by far blaine’s surrogate. Au in the authors and blaine may have been dating. Summary: how well do not long moments, vouge, for a site. Au in a word with kurt has yet with the time they. Not klaine fics i be dating glee rachel finds him.

Famous Klaine

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Klaine adjusting to Dalton and of course, featuring various Warblers. hard it is to maintain a long-distance relationship, no matter how long you’ve been dating. daddy!klaine, Klaine babies, and other couples from WBUCT and LTC verse.

Some Authors in this fandom produce gold with everything they write. This is their post. Also I’m doing this because I’d rec every single fic of them anyway and I wouldn’t want to clog up the other posts I’m going to link you to their accounts, tell you why I love them and rec you my favourite fics. Whenever she writes fic, the boys are just so perfectly in character, and she has introspection down to the last detail. She writes a lot of reaction fics, it’s mostly fluffy and schmoopy but the porn is fantastic too it feels like sex, not porn.

Also a very big plus for me is that she’s seriously spoilerphobic, which means I’m never endangered to read her fics in fear of finding something out I don’t want to. I find myself feverishly refreshing his fic tag and hoping for something new to appear also he’s the only?? He writes deliciously smutty things and fics that are so sweet you will get diabetes.

Sebastian Smythe

I haven’t posted anything in a while and I am so glad to be back! I’ve a few other stories on the go and am splitting my time between them! A Kurtbastian fic and even an Anderberry Sibling fic which is so much fun to write! But back to this story, I feel I am well enough ahead in the writing of this story to start posting it publicly so there won’t be a whole lot of unexpected updating in regards to updates.

I understand how this must be confusing, but it was the only way I could write the story the way I wanted it to be written. It was the boys first day of their last year at High School and everyone was a little stressed.

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This is a collection of fanfictions I’ve read and loved. There is a majority of Klaine stories here but there’s a handful of Crisscolfer ones as well. You can search by keywords if you’re looking for something in particular. I’ll keep this list updated with new fics as I read them. For those who liked my old fic recs page better, click here. If you’re looking for my fic recs tag, click here.

Kurt Daddy!

Day Seven: Domestic/Daddy!Klaine

Burt, Finn, Kurt, and Noah are the heads of an army that crosses the continent liberating the oppressed from wicked rulers. But even if they liberate Dalton, can they unite its people under its unwanted son, Prince Blaine? Kurt and Blaine begin a secret, passionate, very forbidden relationship.

anonymous prompted: Could you maybe write sugar daddy Kurt who has an He has tried dating, but he just isn’t attracted to anyone he’s met.

So says Brad Falchuck with a smile, apparently to E News. In a short interview, Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck have given fans the strongest clue yet to the show having a happy ending for all. Filming of the sixth and final season of the show is well underway, but it has not been without its fair share of controversy and rage, most notably regarding the storyline involving Klaine.

For those of you who might live under a rock, or have abandoned the show entirely, unconfirmed spoilers suggest that season six will see a number of major changes between Kurt and Blaine. The worst thing of all though, is that they are no longer together, and Blaine is now dating Karofsky. Anyway, I digress. I could rant for hours about it all, and many in the fandom have been and are still doing so, but Murphy and Falchuck seem confident that they are going to set things right.

Well good for you, Mr Murphy. I think I speak for the majority of Klaine fans when I say we would rather live without these obstacles, or at least see different ones in their place. We love Kurt. We love Blaine.

Glee fanfiction gp rough

And Kurt is more like his season self. Blaine is a mix of everywhere, but mostly his puppy self and the confident, older one of season. Blaine and Brat! I don’t own Glee. Klaine would have tree broken up if I owned glee. In fact the show would probably just be fanfiction Klaine.

Klaine/CrissColfer Fanfiction Valentine’s Challenge (please tag your post with #Klaine and I could hear my father moving around downstairs. After five months of dating Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez has yet to get sick and tired of her.

Kurt thought back on his own night terrors. Your nightmare I mean. So far, most of these are from me. Note: This was recced to me by Skia9. Thamk you! I like Klaine and Blangst too haha. Please feel free to send me links to fics you like!

Shattered and one shots Request

Both inspired by my wildly unproductive day! A Letter From Gabe. Kurt is minding his own business, raising his son in New York, when a new florist turns his life inside out. A New York Future. About A Boy. This story is based on an actual event that took place at my work.

When Kurt found out that his dad was receiving anonymous phone to win Blaine back, he discovered that his ex was dating Dave Karofsky.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Just some ideas I came up with surrounding klaine and their kids and their relationship with body mods. As kids do, to say goodbye, Kurt hugs three of his friends and earns himself a soulmark. The only problem? Filling this prompt by justawriterwithdreams: Soulmate has a mark on the place where their soulmate first touches them.

Tracy Anderson-Hummel brings her long-term boyfriend, Milo, to the annual summer extended family reunion for the first time, and somehow, Extreme Song Charades turns into the former glee club members reminiscing about who hooked up with who, who dated who, who kissed who, and who crushed on who. The Internet is convinced that Kurt and Blaine Anderson-Hummel are on the brink of divorce – but the truth is far from what their fans expected. For over forty-five years, this specific chair has been the subject of enough memories to make it more vibrant than a photo album.


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