Camera Speed Dating – Pentax KX

Camera Speed Dating – Pentax KX

Photography gear is something my husband I have gushed about since we first starting dating in our Grade 11 photography class. With time, our objectives in photography have shifted, however the love of light has remained the same. I Jessy shoot fully digital, whereas my husband Brandon compliments the work with his artistic film photography. We love the directional light of the golden hour that hits off the urban landscape where we live, and those tones have provided a heavy influence into my digital post processing and overall feel of the images we create. Brandon inherited his first film cameras from his grandfather, who was a photographer as well. He shoots with the same Yashica Mat today, and brings it to all the weddings we photograph. We shoot with all primes lens.

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SPII

Pentax MX Camera. Shutter operates at all speeds and auto button functions. Serial number Light meter works and new batteries have been fitted. Fitted with SMC—M 50mm lens. Camera comes complete with tripod, lens cap, filter and shutter operating cable.

fumbling apparel [deleted] says: Is there a way to determine how old a K is based on the serial number? My serial number is 8.

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Eyecup for Pentax K1000 (Pentax Brand)

It’s strange that the body’s in which no longer exists. To the violin bass; selmer of your. Read sweetwater customer reviews for the model numbers, pickup.

for on Medium. Moments captured with my Pentax K Entrepreneur. You may suspect it, but now you’ll know for sure-are you dating an entrepreneur?

Hey everybody, I’ve just written a blog post on ti Is there a way to determine how old a K is based on the serial number? My serial number is I looked in the past, and Pentax didn’t keep records, that I know of. So it’s difficult. In my case, my Pentax is plastic and made in China, so I know it’s newer than Mine is all metal, but it doesn’t say where it’s made at least not that I can find.

Camera Service

The K’s inexpensive simplicity was a great virtue and earned it an unrivaled popularity as a basic but sturdy workhorse. The Pentax K eventually sold over three million units. All have the same basic body design, but with differing feature levels, electronics, and controls.

Takumars dating objects, and started with serial numbers, february 17, even pentax q mount camera as to the pentax k serial number for shooting. Camera.

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File:Pentax K1000

One of the more interesting new features is digital preview. When you slide the power switch past On to the aperture blade icon, you can get either a digital or optical preview of the depth of field DOF. The default is digital, which snaps a picture and displays it on the LCD but doesn’t save it to the SD card. If you’d rather see a DOF preview through the viewfinder, you can switch to that more traditional method using one of the camera’s custom settings.

We’re perplexed as to why one would want to preview DOF on the LCD rather than the viewfinder, but you never know when it might come in handy. It’s a bit slow at the telephoto end but is similar to many of the kit lenses at this price level.

At ACR I specialize in mail order camera restoration of classic manual focus 35mm film cameras dating from to Pentax K, , , ​.

Jane Doe Member. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Pentax has updated its binocular range with colourful UD additions as well as the innovative VD m A budget Toggle navigation. Remember me. Search Forums: Go! Add Comment. Back to Forum. Jane Doe Member 4 posts. I have a Pentax K, can anyone give me some idea as to it’s age? On the base there is a nunber, I assume this to ba a serial number? Hi Jane Welcome to the forum.

Pentax K1000

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Welcome to the forum. The K was produced in huge numbers from up to the s. Unfortunately serial number ranges for Pentax are.

Chan Tran Aug 22, Although the Pentax K is often recommended as the first choice in manual camera, I think it’s easily the worst Pentax manual camera. It works reasonably well but most if not all other Pentax manual cameras are better I think. Nathan King Aug 22, It’s light on features, but many other very nice cameras share the same range of capabilities. I certainly don’t think using one would lower the quality of my prints. It’s not a bad camera but it’s not outstanding either.

Les Sarile Aug 22,

The age of my K1000, using serial number?

Pentax produced the K for 21 years — longer than any other model single-lens reflex camera in history. Aging a K presents a challenge, but telltale manufacturing marks help identify the age. With a year production run, some changes occurred. Chinese-made Ks, which came from the Chinon factory, also had plastic bases. The Chinese-made cameras also state Made in China on the base plates.

A black and white image of an older Asahi Pentax K Camera film camera by Asahi Optical Co Ltd of Tokyo Japan in magazine dated 5th December

Viewers on my Twitch channel often ask me what camera repair tools I use to repair cameras or what streaming products I use to stream on Twitch, so I made a source list for each with links to the products. I’ve included information on repair tools and streaming gear giving shoppers an added bonus about the products listed. At ACR I specialize in mail order camera restoration of classic manual focus 35mm film cameras dating from to I can service many of the classic manual focus slrs that no longer have factory parts available, and many cameras that other repair shops say are unrepairable.

I can’t make them look new or operate new, but I can restore them to good working order if the camera is not worn out from use. It’s not how the camera looks externally that’s important. What counts is how much film has been run through the camera. Most of the cameras sent to ACR stopped working years ago and were stored. The customer usually wants their camera restored to good working condition so they can start using it to take film pictures again for enjoyment.

Restoring a camera normally takes about three days which means I can only serivce about three cameras a week or twelve a month.

How to Use a Pentax K-1000 SLR Film Camera

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